The Homestead, Hout Bay Main Road



My primary reasons for seeking healing with Natassia was because of my severe Anxiety and Depression. I had recently come out of clinic for this reason specifically and was very keen to follow this as a continuation to my healing. Natassia would begin all of our healing sessions with a breathing and grounding meditation. She …


I sought energy healing for weight loss and being more connected with myself, my life goals and focus. Then we worked with extreme exhaustion post Covid. I really enjoyed my time and my sessions. There was definitely an improvement in my ability to focus on what is important to achieve my current life goals. I …


I have restless leg syndrome and I was seeking healing to address that, as well as wanting to work deeper with energy healing to understand myself better and heal on a deeper level. I absolutely loved my healing sessions with Tasha. We went very deep and healed deeply. The healing was gentle and guided beautifully. …


My 8 week healing journey was definitely life changing. I went from arriving with anxiety disorder, extreme body pains, intense mental blockages, a lot of undealt with trauma, to someone who now meditates almost everyday. I am now able to ground myself in any situation. I have been off my pain medication since starting, i …


Tasha is a gifted and intuitive healer as well as beautician . Her integrity and professionalism speak volumes . If you are looking for a beauty therapist and or Reiki practitioner I would highly recommend her . Her combination treatment of Reiki and massage is one of my favorites!!


Such professionalism. Great ambiance and I was made to feel so comfortable the entire time.


It’s so calm and you’re a good therapist! And I loved my lashes.


Very professional, great music, great conversation


It was a great stress relief and healing experience


Natassia takes really great care to detail. She also explains really well with every action what she is going to be doing. & visiting Natassia is like visiting a shrink, or a life long friend.. she is just so amazing to chat to and leaving there always feels so good not only from a beauty …