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Frequency Facial

Your skin reflects everything that’s going on inside your body. Our holistic, anti-ageing facial is a one-of-a-kind experience that will take you on a journey. We treat the skin and the person as a whole in order to maintain the correct balance for it to function optimally. It combines the techniques of a traditional facial with the therapeutic effects of holistic massage, breathwork, aromatherapy, affirmations and crystals, which all aid in promoting deep relaxation. Our Reiki Sensual Luminous & Radiant Glow products are locally made, 100 % natural and have been infused with Reiki energy which works energetically to raise your frequency and support your mind, body, and soul. The power of human touch is important in this process of telling your body that it is safe. Being soothed into a parasympathetic state, your nervous system instinctively knows how to relax and heal, which is where the deepest transformation takes place.


This treatment will nourish your skin and brighten your complexion, stimulate collagen production, improve the texture of your skin keeping it looking young and healthy, soften lines and wrinkles, stimulate the removal of toxins from the tissue, tone and lift your facial muscles, relieves headaches and sinus pressure, reduces stress, and anxiety , promotes restful sleep and creates an overall feeling of wellbeing by allowing yourself time and space to check in with yourself and to reconnect.

What to expect:

The session begins with relaxing breath work, followed by floral dreams facial steaming, which has been infused with  intentions and herbs such as marigold, jasmine, sage, rosemary, lavender, orange peel, oat straw, orange flowers and cape snow. This is an opportunity to surrender and release anything that doesn’t serve you.

A radiant glow clay mask is then applied to the face. This contains Kaolin which absorbs sebum, prevents pore clogging, drawing out impurities and toxins from the pores. Rosehip, which stimulates collagen production, is a natural source of vitamin C and has anti-aging properties. Marigold’s anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin from fine lines and aids in skin cell regeneration. Hibiscus flowers hydrates, lifts, and tightens the skin, also known as natures Botox. While this is drying you will get to enjoy an aromatherapy arm and hand massage, foot massage or a short chakra balancing. The mask will then be removed and is doing so will exfoliate the skin.

Then Luminous glow and radiant tonifyer will be misted over the face. This toner has been charged with crystalline energy and sacred sounds. It contains frankincense to tone your skin, enhancing its appearance, purifying and hydrating it to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and promote softer, dewier skin. The Helichrysum in it will revitalize tired, dull skin and target dark circles.

This will be followed by the luminous and radiant glow serum. This is an amplified frequency skin therapy attuned to Reiki, resonating plant, flower and seed oils, crystalline energy and sacred sounds. This will be applied using the Ayervedic method of heat and massage of the chest, shoulders and face, as well as using and a clear quart’s crystal roller that will help lift and sculpt the face, activate the oils and cleanse the skin where like dissolves like. The product is then removed using a hot towel.

The radiant tonifyer is sprayed again to tone, balance and cool the skin and the facial is completed using the Radiant Glow serum to moisturize and end off the treatment with a scalp massage to soothe the body into a deeply relaxed state.

Should you wish to purchase the products for home use, these will be ordered for you from the supplier as requested.

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