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Energy Work

Energy Work
Reiki Healing
(45 mins)
Reiki Healing
(60 mins)
Reiki Healing
(90 mins)
Energy Healing First Session 90 min
Includes an assessment of the overall state of your chakra system, where any unbalanced areas or blockages may reside, and which approaches will best suit to restore you to health and wholeness most effectively.
Energy Healing 60min
From the second session onwards individual 60min sessions can be requested.
Energy Healing and back, neck, shoulder massage Combo
Energy Healing and full body massage Combo
(90 min)

I am a qualified Advanced Reiki practitioner of Usui Siki Ryoho which has been adapted from the traditional Japanese reiki in order to fit our westernised lifestyles as well an an Internationally qualified Energy Healer, through the School of Intuition and Healing. My intention is to provide a safe space in which you are able offload your troubles. I will then help you on your personal journey to find your own answers to any of the problems and frustrations you may be experiencing right now by helping to alleviate the symptoms of your dis-ease but more importantly treat the underlying causes. All that is needed from you is to have an open mind and heart and willingness to receive the healing energy, which is already within you.

Benefits of Energy Healing:

  • Illness – Treats symptoms and causes of illness. It is not a cure.
  • Recovery – Accelerates recovery from medical treatments and operations.
  • Injuries – Aids in recovery from injuries and eases muscle pain
  • Pain – Brings relief from chronic pain and improves joint mobility
  • Well-being – Promotes a greater sense of well- being and sense of peace.
  • Stress– Alleviates symptoms of these and looks into the causes.
  • Relief – Brings relief to allergies and headaches.
  • Regulate – Regulates blood pressure and helps to strengthen the immune system.
  • Hormonal – Helps to balance hormones for PMS, menopause and fertility issues.
  • Relaxation – Induces a state of deep relaxation and aids in restoring the body.
  • Emotions – Releases blocked and suppressed feeling and can aid in reduction of symptoms of conditions such depression, anxiety and addiction which includes treating of the causes.
  • Detox – Helps to clear the body of toxins and balance the organs and glands.

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